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Difference Between Stock Packaging Vs Custom Packaging

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You’ve created a fantastic product. Now it’s the best time to get it into the hands of enthusiastic clients.  Surely, you’ve made countless choices now, but now is the best moment of fact. It’s time to choose something that could make or break your client’s impression of your goods.Should you select stock packaging vs custom packaging boxes? 

“Product packaging is important to the success of your item. That is why you must choose the packaging solution type.”

It’s A Tough Decision To Make. Chiefly When You Study That:

  1. In a new Dotcom Distribution conclusion, over 60% said that gift wholesale packaging excited them about what they well-ordered.
  2. 40% of these online customers said they would be more expected to purchase from a retailer again if they use wholesale premium packaging.

By knowing and understanding the pros and cons of wholesale stock and custom packaging. You’ll be capable of making this worthy decision and giving your product the possible impression on your clients.  

Here’s what you want to know before determining stock packaging vs custom packaging. 

What Is Stock Packaging?

Stock and custom packaging boxes are usually the two selections for packaging a product. But the question is, what is the change between these two packaging’s?

Stock Packaging

Stock packaging is wholesale “ready-made packaging” to which one could fix a brand label. Wholesale stock packaging is fashioned inexpensively in enormous quantities. And typically comes in partial, consistent sizes and custom styles. Yet, several businesses use stock packaging entirely, as it wouldn’t make more economic sense to use branded packaging boxes.

“Delivering packages of fineness.”

As a team of designers, we see many instances of packaging in retail stores. Custom bottles of yummy sauces, beverage bottles, canned foods, etc. 

You’d desire to use stock packaging if you directly want to get your item into purchasers’ hands and you’re not troubled about the hollow your packaging will have on your clients.

Stock packaging is freely obtainable and comes in many dissimilar sizes and custom shapes (all of which are very wide and not tailor-made to your product). 

It’s also more economical. So custom stock packaging may be your best solution if you’re searching for ways to save much more money.

What Is Custom Packaging?

It’s time to go through custom packaging. Whether bringing or displaying the item, custom printed boxes are tailor to fit an item flawlessly. 

Structural packaging designs it, necessitating made that serves as a class of “packaging DNA” used in the several types of machinery that styles your best packaging. Instances of these are cutting dies and wholesale custom printing plates.

Custom Packaging

This development is more deluxe than stock packaging because it necessitates noteworthy planning and scheming beforehand. A prototype is typically mandatory to prepare and permit as well as construction set-up (which you pay for) and the earlier mentioned tooling.

 Likewise, the level of purchaser service during all phases of the purchasing process for custom packaging is more meaningfully advanced than stock packaging.

When quality really matters, custom packaging comes to the rescue!

Custom wholesale packaging box companies also have a “minimum startup cost, ” meaning you will charge a minimum price just to get the machinery running. Even if you order only one packaging unit. To ensure that everything makes sense to all those involved, these manufacturers will also include a minimum volume requirement in the beginning expenditures. 

A product producer, for instance, could need to pay $2500 for a minimum of 1000 packaging units at startup.

There are both custom and stock alternatives available for the majority of packing types, including folding boxes, custom-made boxes, stand-up bags, poly bags, etc.

With the exception of stock products, which are all perfect for use in retail stores and include plastic bottles, tins, jars, custom food packaging boxes, etc. Generally speaking, stock packaging is acknowledged as a packaging substitute that “gets the job done.” This method enables less expensive packaging that “more or less” matches the item.

Stock Packaging Vs Custom Packaging: When To Use Each One

With all these pros and cons for stock packaging vs. custom packaging, you may find it difficult to truly narrow down when you’d want to use each type of packaging.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of instances where one option is likely better than the other. 

It Would Be Best If You Used Stock Packaging When: 

  • You want to test out different marketing options and don’t want the expense and time of custom printing until you’re ready for it.
  • You’re a startup on a tight budget and are looking for an economical way to conduct market tests or do other promotions.
  • You’re faced with production shortages and need to get the product out the door ASAP. 
  • You’re preparing trade show samples to be given out to attendees.
  • As you can see, the game’s name with stock packaging is quick, cheap, easy to obtain, and almost certainly available. 

It Would Be Best If You Use Custom Packaging Boxes When: 

  • You have a luxury product and want to create a classy look.
  • You should make the most of the possibilities for a unique box design or size for your product.
  • You want customers to share their thoughts and unbox your product on social media.
  • You are willing to spend extra for almost unlimited customisation possibilities and require or desire distinctive packaging that goes above and beyond the norm.
  • You need to print a lot of packaging, and you want every step of the production process to be customised to meet your unique requirements. 
  • You want to showcase your product distinctively if you run an e-commerce or subscription box service.

While stock packaging could be quick, inexpensive, and simple, using out-of-the-box packaging means you lose a lot of advantages you might not have ever thought about.

There are many possibilities for customisation and design when you use custom-printed boxes with no minimum in the UK. You may provide an amazing customer experience by using flexible printing processes and technologies. 

It is possible to print, emboss, highlight, and gloss any part of the packaging, including the material itself. and a ton more to set it apart from the opposition. 

Making your product the Best!

Vast Range Of Personalization Options

Additionally, if you don’t need all the “extras” that custom packaging may offer, you can use some creative packaging ideas. 

Customisation options include area UV, embossing or debossing, aluminium foil marking, and matte or gloss lamination. Or perhaps it’s still a great idea for customised packaging.

Go on YouTube and search for “unboxing” to see the amount of anxiety people have over beautiful, personalised product packaging. According to the present study, 50% of respondents stated that high-quality or gift-like manufacturing increases the likelihood of recommending a brand to others.

Let’s just say that personalised packaging is an easy way to get people more excited about your products and more delighted with your business.

Brand Recognition With Custom Boxes & Stock Boxes

By printing your logo and corporate identification on customised boxes, you may establish your brand. Stock-boxed products, on the other hand, often fail to stand out from the competition, lose their unique selling points, and draw in customers.

A package that comes in a personalised box shows that the seller takes extra pride in what they are doing and leaves a better impression. comprehensive experience that gives the impression of a one-of-a-kind shopping encounter from beginning to end. 

Sending products in simple brown stock boxes to clients’ doors, however, conveys a lack of concern for your packing. Furthermore, what does it say about your level of product care if you don’t give your packaging any thought?

Added Protection & Appearance: Stock Packaging Vs Custom Packaging

  • Because they fit the products perfectly (80% customer satisfaction rate), branded customised retail packaging boxes help online businesses lower the danger of breakage for glass, electronics, and other fragile products during shipment. 
  • However, because they are not the proper size for the goods they are packed with (11% customer satisfaction), stock boxes are not very protective.
  • Your product will look more polished and professional with custom boxes, giving it the competitive advantage it requires in the retail market. However, because of their limited customisation options and dimensions, stock boxes are less attractive.

Why Need A Difference Between Stock And Custom Packaging?

When promoting products online, one important issue you need to address is box manufacturing. The difference between stock boxes and regular white boxes. Also, custom printed packaging boxes might not be seen. Nevertheless, when customers see your item in the store, you’ll witness the goodness in their actions.

Customised box manufacturing should be at the top of your list of priorities if you want to grow your brand identity. What is meant by “customise packing”? What distinguishes personalised bundles from basic stock?

There must be packing for every form of organisation. After all, you’ll need to decide on an affordable option. Using a tight budget, stock manufacturing may seem like a much more cost-effective option. But before you go with less expensive solutions, think about the advantages customised product packaging might have for your company.

However, in order to do that, you must be fully aware of the primary distinction between the two. Examine our packaging guide to learn more about supply vs. custom product packaging and determine which is most appropriate for your business.

Salient Features Of Stock Packaging

Stock packaging vs custom packaging the Stock packaging is more basic and organic, as the name suggests. It is prefabricated, conventional product packaging that hasn’t had any changes made to its size, colour, shape, or finishing. It is a product solution that is currently easy to use and obtain.

In most cases, this is the standard method of providing stockrooms. It can also be produced in large quantities. However, it is limited to typical box sizes and colours. and innovative e-commerce package designs that fail to convey the distinct identity or messaging of a business.

“Add a new Creative Joy.”

Supply is provided “as is” with little to no alteration offered, as the name suggests. It will feel and appear natural and familiar because it isn’t developing in detail to meet your desires. If you need to grab your customers’ attention rapidly, you should employ that product packaging. 

All of that will be sufficient to get your product into the hands of customers, and you won’t have to worry about what they think. Additionally, that kind of packaging is quick, widely accessible, and available in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Even more, you have complete freedom (all of which are very broad and not particularly tailored to your item). It’s also affordable if you’re looking for ways to cut costs.

Stock Packaging Vs Custom Packaging – Pros And Cons

When purchasing in modest numbers, stock packaging is definitely less expensive than custom packaging. Purchasing stock packaging is also significantly faster than ordering custom. 

For those who feel that purchasing wholesale packaging will be too costly for their needs, this is a workable approach.

Effective packaging boxes should “catch the eye” of rivals while conveying the correct information about the goods, which ought to result in more sales. 

Furthermore, stock packaging usually does not fit your goods as well as packaging boxes do. There ought to be less wasteful excess material usage. In order to make up for the ill-fitting stock packaging, this “excess material” includes the packaging and any fill packaging used. Shipping costs can be reduced by shipping more products per pallet when the packaging fits better.

In general, the packaging is not meant for those who are easily offended or light-hearted. Compared to stock packaging, it requires a greater commitment because of its lengthier and more intricate process. 

Packaging with custom printing ought to give your goods a more sophisticated and professional look when it’s displayed on store shelves. Therefore, once you order significantly large volumes, it can be equivalent to stock packaging prices. 


As you can see, there isn’t really much of a “debate” between standard and custom packaging.  There are instances where stock packaging vs custom packaging is a better alternative than stock packaging, especially when you take into account the significant differences between the two.  Making the appropriate decision when packaging is crucial. 

With years of experience, Fast Packaging Pro UK has created custom packing boxes for a wide range of items in different sizes and configurations.

“Our packaging matches the standard of your product.”

Creating custom packaging boxes can be confusing and overwhelming for a first-time product designer. Even if it isn’t your initial product design competition. It’s still nice to have a well-informed team of experts on your side to help guide you and deliver advice.

Whether you have a worthy idea in mind or want suggestions, our artists are trained in various styles and mediums. They can easily maneuver across different graphic styles to create a look that accurately captures your idea. And the product in one complete design.

The team at Fast Packaging Pro UK is eager to help you take the next step with your custom printed packaging. And walk you through the process so you can have packaging that perfectly exemplifies. And embodies the best features of your product brand stock packaging vs custom packaging.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote on your custom packaging boxes needs. And we’ll work with you to create a look and a package that brings together the very best of your brand personality. And quality product design to make a look that is unmistakably your own.