Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes have become integral in packaging for businesses from various industries such as food and cosmetics among others. Their wide implementation can be explained based on their unique durability aimed at successful delivery of goods in the same original form. Also, the flexibility of Kraft boxes facilitates various personalization options that make them suitable for branding and marketing. These boxes, in addition to being sturdy and flexible, are also eco-friendly since they use recycled material with the biodegradability feature.

kraft boxes

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Elevate Your Product Brand With Kraft Boxes

Their natural appearance and feel have also made these materials a preferred packaging solution for businesses striving to adopt environmentally suitable, sustainable measures. Further, the use of Kraft boxes show these companies as responsible and socially sensitive businesses. Whether they are used to transport goods from place to another or needed for displaying merchandise in-store, Kraft packaging boxes provide a reliable and stylish packaging option that meets the needs of consumers as well as businesses.


Kraft boxes are made from material known as kraft paper, where the process of obtaining that is derived through a technique called the Kraft method which involves pulping wood into producing what we know as fibre. The major components of this pulp are pure cellulose fibres which have high strength and durability. 

The presence of such resilient fibres is one reason why Kraft printed boxes are durable. Although natural Kraft paper is usually brown, it may be bleached to obtain white kraft that can enhance aesthetic opportunities. Not only are Kraft boxes environmentally sound and biodegradable, but they also feature a high level of versatility that makes them suitable for numerous applications.

The use of pure cellulose fibres helps to make the Kraft boxes solid so that they can hold pressure and protect their content. Additionally, the variety of different bleaching processes that can be used in order to achieve a desired finishing on Kraft paper helps increase design possibilities for packaging solutions. Kraft boxes can be used both for retail packaging or as a shipping package, and the fact remains that this type of box provides environmentally friendly yet durable protective cover.


Kraft boxes carry numerous eco-friendly advantages because of their environmental sustainability. These boxes are made from renewable resources, such as timber taken from managed forests that is capable of being completely recycled and biodegraded. This makes them a trendy choice for brands and consumers to minimise their carbon footprint. 

Furthermore, the production process of Kraft boxes usually needs less energy and emissions than other packaging materials.

Additionally, the strength and resilience of custom Kraft boxes facilitate it in custom packaging products used for different purposes. They are multipurpose and serve as both modes of transporting, storing or exhibiting a variety of products. The rustic appearance of Kraft boxes is another factor that plays a role in brand image development as well as catering to environmental concerns.

Besides, Kraft boxes offer flexibility and customization options that enable businesses to develop distinctive packaging designs reflecting their brand values without compromising on environmental friendliness. These properties allow Kraft boxes to be a good option for businesses that want their company to appear as an eco-friendly one.

Versatility and Customization Of Kraft Packaging Boxes

Custom Kraft boxes wholesale are characterised by their flexibility as well as the variety of customisation alternatives available, which makes them appropriate for various packaging requirements. These boxes come in different sizes, shapes and variants catering for a wide range of products. They can also be personalised with custom print brand logos, patterns or designs for better visibility of brands and to attract customers.

Although Kraft material is of a natural brown colour, modern printing allows for vivid and accurate designs to be printed on these boxes. It implies that brands can have impressive packaging for their products to appeal to the intended customers. In addition, the strong composition of Kraft boxes makes them great for product transportation and handling.

Environmentally conscious consumers who value sustainable packaging options find their eco-friendly properties attractive. Collectively, the flexibility and personalisation options that come with Kraft boxes make them a desirable product for businesses keen on investing in stylish yet robust packaging items.

Applications Of Kraft Packaging

  • Due to their strength and adaptability: Kraft boxes are used for a multitude of purposes, including:In response to this, the rate of change can be regarded as multidimensional as a single value.
  • Food Packaging: They are appropriate for sealing dry foods, food packaging products and other consumables as these packages do not corrode or contaminate contents due to moisture.
  • Retail Products: Kraft boxes offer a robust and appealing retail packaging option that can be tailored to represent the brand in everything from cosmetics, jewellery , cloths or electronics.
  • Shipping: They have a durable nature, which makes them suitable for shipping goods. They can take the brunt of travel and protect products inside.

Benefits of Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes

Kraft boxes are robust and they prevent the contents from getting physically damaged.

Customizable: They provide a wide range of customization features in terms size, shape and printing.

Eco-friendly: Manufactured from renewable materials, they are recyclable and biodegradable hence best for the environment.

Frequently Asked Question

Your Frequently Asked Questions About Our Customizable Kraft Boxes

Q: What are Kraft boxes made from?

Kraft boxes are made up of unbleached natural kraft paper board; which is environmentally friendly material.

Q: Can Kraft boxes be personalised with logos or designs?

Kraft boxes can be easily personalised with logos, designs and printed articles to satisfy your branding requirements.

Can we recycle Kraft boxes?

Kraft boxes are completely recyclable and biodegradable, thus making them environmentally friendly options.

Q: What products can be packaged in the Kraft boxes?

The Kraft boxes are very adaptive and can be used to package cosmetics, food items, gifts as well other products.

Q: Are you able to customise the Kraft boxes?

Yes, we do offer custom sizing options for our Kraft boxes that are tailored to your specific product dimensions.

Q: How long lasting are Kraft boxes for shipping purposes?

Kraft boxes are very reliable and have excellent strength, thus making them ideal for moving goods during transportation.